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  in vivo Quantum Biology is complex.  It's also counter-intuitive.  But it can optimize life.  We can help!


Frequently Asked Questions.   If your questions are not listed below, please contact us with your question.


  1. What is the principal aim of QB Global Consulting?

    SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE is the most coveted resource in the 21st century. At QBC Global we offer scientific knowledge, training and products. We have an exciting product line. Our scientific consultants bring a wealth of knowledge not found elsewhere. Our training staff provide a most stimulating learning environment! Some of the topics presented are not available anywhere else!

  2. Can you summarize what can be expected during training?

    1) A better understanding of how the tiniest particles in your body affect your overall health and vitality.
    2) How you are empowered by alignment
    3) How alignment produces peak energy flow (Dr. Thomas Padikal)
    4) How molecular machines harness energy for life (Dr. Peter Hoffman)
    5) How consciousness affects life energy (Dr. John Hagelin)
    6) Procedures, tools and exercises that allow you to access peak energy.
    7) Review of select protocols

  3. What are the topics covered during Training?

    BASIC SCIENCE OF in vivo QUANTUM BIOLOGY, Alignment, life energy, well-being, wellness, in vivo quantum biology, quantum biology, cosmology, consciousness and quantum mechanics.
    APPLICATIONS OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE STIMULATION, review of equipment and its basic operation, review of basic protocols.

  4. Why In Vivo?

    Experiments in laboratories are frequently done in vitro, maybe in a petri dish, where a sample tissue was removed from the organism.
    In vivo means the observations are conducted without such interventions or perturbations of the organism. This keeps the feedback mechanism intact, and  honors the holographic nature of life!

  5. Do I have to be a physicist or a biologist to get value?

    No, not at all.
    The program is organized to give a simple review of physics and biology first. The area where they overlap becomes the context where wellness is then reviewed. In addition, question and answer sessions and round table discussions are scheduled and laboratory style demonstrations (see, touch and feel) are on display. Moreover, each trainee can expect to receive hands on training with the MRS equipment. This effectively removes the mystery associated with the equipment

  6. Why is this a unique educational value?

    Compared to a University course, the Training fee is ridiculously cheap! You will walk away with much greater value! 
    Our faculty? Stellar! Dr.Thomas Padikal, our principal trainer, for instance, was a Cancer Expert at the National Institutes of Health.

    Please click on this link for more information.

  7. Is the Training approved for Continuing Education Credit?

    No. Upon written request, however, we will provide you with a "Certificate of Attendance".  All agencies we approached for continuing education were very expensive. We wanted to keep the training fees modest.

  8. Is there a lunch break?

    Lunch break (12 - 1) offers an opportunity to interact with the faculty and staff in a casual atmosphere. It offers opportunities for informal discussions and ask questions about our quantum heritage without pressure.

  9. How do I sign up for the Training'?

    Use this link to sign up.

    You will be taken to a parent site. Please answer the questions and enter the credit card information to sign up.

  10. Can I please talk to one of the Consultants ASAP?

    Yes, of course!
    schedule an appointment and we will call you.
    Or simply call us at 215-378-0138.

  11. How soon can you deliver a new MRS system?

    Placing an order with us is straightforward. After you contact us, we will send you an order form which you must complete and return by regular mail or e-mail.
    Upon receipt of the completed order form, your Request for Purchase will be forwarded to the warehouse for order fulfillment. We use UPS for delivery. It takes between 10 -15 working days for delivery in US.

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