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  in vivo Quantum Biology is complex.  It's also counter-intuitive.  But it can optimize life.  We can help!

"These hands on trainings are positively life altering," says a recent trainee. Sign up today for best results. 


"These hands on training sessions in Quantum Biology and Well-being are positively life altering," says a recent trainee. It echoes others who completed the training. Managing your well-being - even with assistance from an engaging coach - can feel unfamiliar, formidable or even intimidating. But there is good news: QBC has joined with Science and Life, a non-profit US Corporation, in bringing you outstanding training in both in vivo Quantum Biology and  Magnetic Resonance Stimulation. There is some didactic lectures, but the lions share is comprised of hands on training. Whether you want to become a QUANTUM BIOLOGY PRACTITIONER or TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR OWN WELL-BEING this training is for you. Your electrons will thank you!

Over 2,500 folks have taken the training, live workshops or online classes in quantum biology. They recognize that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. And gaining the RIGHT knowledge is key. We would love to see you in one of the high quality educational programs listed.

   July 7
 9AM - 4:30PM
 Quantum Biology in vivo
  Hands on Training
   July 8
 9AM - 4:30PM
 Magnetic Resonance Stimulation
  Hands on Training
   July 9
 1PM - 5PM
 Fundamentals of Quantum Biology
Included free when you sign up for both 7/7 and 7/8 above
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We strongly recommend you take the hands on training after acquiring your MRS system. If you are unable, please consider taking an Online training (you need an internet enabled computer and a telephone) in the comfort of your home as  a minimum. The online training will familiarize you with the MRS equipment, what it is capable of and the quantum biological reasoning behind it.
"I can clearly see now that purchasing an MRS system without training is like buying a sports car without any driver education," says a recent trainee. "Skipping training is not only irresponsible, you can't figure it all out either! The training manual is filled with easy to follow details not available anywhere else!"
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Dr. Padikal with trainees from Europe.
A corner of the MRS2000 used for hands on training is visible at bottom left. Training lasts for two and half days.