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  in vivo Quantum Biology is complex.  It's also counter-intuitive.  But it can optimize life.  We can help!

As consulting scientists we can recommend services and products that optimize life from a quantum level

We can recommend systems, provide coaching and suggest procedures to follow that will enhance quantum biological optimization for optimum well-being. For instance, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation uses a low energy pulsed magnetic field applied to the body with an applicator. When the frequencies match (or a sub-harmonic) the resulting resonance and enhanced Q-factor stimulate energy transfer. Like the ripples in a pond cause a floating leaf to bob up and down, the magnetic waves gently rock the ensemble of electrons, cleansing and soothing the tissue matrix. Clients often fall in to a deep sleep during sessions as a result of this gentle phenomenon - perhaps reminiscent of a mother gently rocking her baby! The finely tuned applicator is snugly kept in place for minutes at a time - with the precise duration dictated by individual need. Several fractions may be required for relief and restoration of well-being and vitality - the exact number of fractions and visits varying from person to person.
One of the earliest (year 2007) magnetic resonance stimulation systems used at one of the first CENTER for VITALITY Affiliates located in Greater Philadelphia is shown below. Although the magnetic field is very small (about the same as the magnetic field of the earth we experience daily) the key to its success is resonance and repetition!
If you choose to receive training (and we highly recommend it) we will walk you through every step during the hands on training session. At that time we will also show you how to generate a 'treatment plan' specifically suited for the client. Whether it calls for a Simple or Intermediate or Complex application, be assured of a "gentle touch!"
Please bring all your questions to our knowledgeable faculty consultants during training. For instance, our senior consultant faculty is a highly trained, multi-disciplinary and well-known medical physicist, Board Certified by the American College of Radiology. He was formerly a Cancer Expert at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD.
The free electrons in our body are nimble particles with negative charge. When the coils in the mat turn negative, the electrons experience a repulsive force making them move up. When the coils turn positive, the electrons experience attraction and move down. So the free electrons in your body bob up and down like leaves in a pond, creating alignment!
Above: The earliest (circa 2007) Magnetic Resonance Stimulation system used at the first CENTER for VITALITY Office in Greater Philadelphia

Science has come up with ways that simulate the benefits of meditation - and more. They use one or several principles - of resonance, quantum mechanics, quantum biology, electron transport and wave propagation. There are several devices available in the market. After extensive research, and careful acceptance testing procedures, we have implemented the Magnetic Resonance Stimulation system at nearly every CENTER for VITALITY affiliate. It produces a low energy magnetic wave which can be applied to the body or the anatomical region requiring relief. When the frequencies match, the resulting resonance (or "vibrational match") stimulates energy flow. Like the ripples in a pond cause a floating leaf to bob up and down, the magnetic waves gently rock, cleanse and soothe the tissue matrix. Many clients fall asleep during the application as a result of this gentle phenomenon - perhaps reminiscent of a mother gently rocking her baby. The finely tuned applicator is snugly kept on location for minutes at a time - with the precise duration dictated by individual need. Several fractions may be required for relief and restoration of well-being and vitality - the exact number of fractions and visits vary from person to person. One of the magnetic resonance stimulation system in use at The CENTER for VITALITY is shown above. It produces a rhythmic magnetic wave whose peak value is only 70┬ÁT. Although the peak magnetic field is very small, the key to its success is resonance and repetition!

For comparison, the magnetic field used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging is much higher: typically about 1T, or 1.5T, 3T, or even higher. The strength of the field used in Magnetic Resonance Stimulation is a few millionth of what is used in MRI, or approximately that of the earth's magnetic field.

For purposes of comparison, a surface coil used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the spine is shown here. The similarities with the MRS mat shown below are clear. So the science and technology of surface coils, and the principle of resonance, are not new to physics or medicine. 
Shown above is Dr. Thomas Padikal with a Siemens 1.5 Tesla Superconducting Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit in a Radiology Suite, pictured with the head coil and a spine array surface coil which resembles - externally at least - to the MRS mat applicator.

Impact of De-coherence: Loss of Alignment

One of the questions we ask clients immediately upon completion of a Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Session is to gently close their eyes, take a moment and notice their body sensations and report their findings. Nearly 100% of the time the first comment is "I never felt this peaceful in my life!" or a variation of that. This is a direct result of alignment after the Magnetic Resonance Stimulation. (see image at right)

The pulse sequence produced by the equipment has a specific prf (pulse repetition frequency) and pulse shape that forces the spin vectors to get in phase. After the session is complete however, and very similar to what happens in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, the inevitable hand of de-coherence cause them to begin their journey toward dephasing (see figure at right).

The half-life of this decay varies from person to person.

For instance, an awakened yogi has a long half life, while someone who is easily agitated by the environment has a short half life.

For clients who has flexibility with their schedule we have therefore developed a customized HYPER FRACTIONATION PROTOCOL that takes this into account. We are continuing this and similar exciting research using in vivo Quantum Biology and Quantum Physics optimizing the outcomes further. Once again, with no adverse side effects.

After a session is complete (bottom row) the inevitable hand of de-coherence causes the spin vectors to begin dephasing (top row).
This decline varies from person to person. Optimization is an important part of the "treatment plan"